Do You Need AC Service in Lawrenceville GA?

A properly running air conditioning unit is essential for a comfortable home. But how can you tell if your unit needs to be serviced? There are several ways to tell. Here are some troubleshooting tips that you can use to determine if you need to call a company specializing in AC service in Lawrenceville GA right away.

Lack of Air from the Registers
One of the main problems that requires professional services is when no air is coming out of your vents or ductwork. There can be several reasons for this problem to occur. For one thing, the fan on your AC unit could have malfunctioned. Go outside to see if the fan is working or not. If the fan isn’t running, check the breakers to see if the one for the AC has tripped. If no breakers have been tripped, there could be a variety of other issues that are causing this to happen. It’s best to contact your expert AC service in Lawrenceville GA to evaluate your unit and determine the problem.

The Air Isn’t Cool Enough
If your AC unit isn’t working properly, you may notice that the air it is producing simply isn’t cool enough to make your home a comfortable temperature. This can be caused from a reduced air flow or because the air coming through the vents simply isn’t cool enough to bring the temperature in your home down to a comfortable level. To make sure the temperature drop simply isn’t adequate, you should run your AC unit and then measure the amount by which the temperature decreased. There are many reasons why the temperature may not be dropping adequately, ranging from an evaporator coil problem, a dirty blower wheel or some other problem. It’s best to call a professional AC service provider to troubleshoot your AC unit and implement a solution.

Frozen Lines
If your AC unit is working properly, it shouldn’t have frozen pipes or lines. Frozen lines are a sign of something more serious and it should be taken care of right away to avoid further damage to your unit. An obstructed air flow is one of the problems that can lead to frozen lines, but there may be another reason as well. That’s why it’s prudent to call a qualified AC service professional to evaluate your problem and make any necessary repairs to get your unit working properly once again.

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