How to Save Money on your Water Heating Bills this Winter

With the rising cost of energy prices in the UK, more of us than ever before are struggling to heat our homes efficiently and keep costs down. By 2016, the government estimates that more than 3 million households will be living in fuel poverty.

There are some steps you can take to reduce your water heating bills this winter and ensure that you have extra money to put towards your heating bill. The Energy Saving Trust advise that you should always use your boiler to heat water, even during the summer months. Your immersion heater should only be used as an emergency back up, as it is more expensive than using the boiler.

Using electric storage heaters
If you have electric storage heaters in your home, you may only be able to heat your water with the immersion heater. Sometimes, your cylinder will have two switches, one at the top and one at the bottom, with the bottom heater coming on at night and using off-peak electricity to heat the cylinder and the top heater being used as a boost to provide extra hot water if needed during the day, using peak-rate electricity. By switching off your top peak-rate switch you will see save yourself a lot of money.

Economising on hot water use
Use less water and less hot water in particular. This means having a short shower instead of a bath and using warm rather than very hot water to wash. Wash dishes in a smaller quantity of water and set a specific laundry day where you wash all your clothes, rather than washing smaller loads throughout the week. Always use the economy or short cycle wash on your machine to save energy and hot water.

Save money through insulation
Insulating your hot water cylinder could save you up to £40 a year, on average. You can also insulate your hot water pipes to save energy and help water to run hot faster. Consider using solar heating to provide a proportion of your hot water requirements as energy from the sun is free and solar heating systems have virtually no running costs.

Consider switching to gas
With gas substantially cheaper than oil and electricity, consider switching fuels to save on your bills. You can seek advice from the Energy Saving Trust, or contact a local heating and air conditioning specialist in the West Sussex area for advice on Water heaters Sussex. They will be able to advise if it’s possible to improve or switch your electric system to save money.

Get to know your boiler. If you’re unsure of your boiler controls, ask a technician how you could be saving money by setting your controls correctly to make sure that you have plenty of hot water when you need it but are saving money when you don’t. There are many companies providing advice on water heaters Sussex in the local area who will be happy to show you how to use your boiler controls to save money this season.

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