Dock Building in Lee County FL Increases Residential Waterfront Property Value

Boat-friendly housing is considered premium property in Florida. People who buy waterfront property without a place to park a boat in the water are likely to contact contractors that do Dock Building in Lee County FL. Some just want waterfront property for the view and for swimming, but many own a boat or plan to buy one soon.

Learning the Restrictions and Required Permits

Before anyone buys waterfront property in this state, they must learn whether regulations would prevent them from having a dock built if that is their plan. Florida has many environmentally sensitive areas on water, and there are restrictions in some places. Even if the property already has an old, deteriorating pier, a new pier or dock might not be allowed. Even if the neighbors have these home improvement features, new laws may prohibit the building of new ones.

In other cases, Dock Building in Lee County FL is allowed after the property owner acquires the necessary permits. The shoreline area may need to be evaluated to determine the level of environmental sensitivity and the potential effects a structure over the water would have. Of course, it’s not just this feature that could create problems, but an increase in watercraft traffic.

Increasing Property Owner Enjoyment

Once the way has been cleared for a dock to be built by a contractor such as Shoreline Lumber, the property owners now have the chance to enjoy their waterfront land even more. They can dock their pontoon or power boat right next to their property and be able to use it whenever they would like. Many people also simply enjoy lounging on a boat dock, perhaps sipping coffee while the sun rises or a glass of wine while the sun sets. Kids will have fun jumping off it into the water.

Increasing Property Value

The property owners know they have increased the value of their land with this improvement feature. It’s difficult to put a dollar amount on the increase, but a dock in this region makes the house easier to sell for a better price. Details on one particular dock building contractor can be seen at the website

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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