Repair Storm Damage With Dock Supplies in Port Charlotte, FL

When a person lives close to water, there are going to be times when there is storm damage. The larger the body of water, the greater damage can be. Though preparing for each announced storm helps, some storms cause damage anyway.

Having a trusted source for dock supplies in Port Charlotte FL can make a difference. Even if there is no storm damage, docks, boats, and decks need repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. The traditional pressure-treated wood can be replaced with one of the newer composite decking products for easier maintenance.

Upkeep and Replacement Deck and Dock Materials

The sun and water offered by shoreline properties are wonderful, but they come at a price. The UV rays from the sun can cause deterioration of paint and wood alike. That water can also cause weakness in wood products over time. Paint can fade or even peel. Mold and mildew can attack the deck or dock. Part of each spring can be taken up with yearly repair and maintenance of wood decking and docks. That is the time a person is not enjoying Florida pastimes like being out in the boat enjoying fishing or site seeing.

Then, there are the hurricane conditions and high winds that can do some pretty serious damage. When a disaster has happened and docks or decks need to be replaced or repaired, a trusted dock supplies in Port Charlotte FL business can be really important. Well-established businesses such as Shoreline Lumber can help property owners get the materials and help they need to rebuild or repair.

Property owners may decide to reinforce decks and docks to be more storm resistant in the future. These dock supply companies can give good advice on how to do this. Rotted lumber should be replaced. There may need to be enhanced support members added. The paint may need to be scraped and replaced with a more water-resistant product.

Turning To Newer Products

Shoreline property owners may want to consider using newer building materials for their docks and decks that are more water resistant and lower maintenance. Alternative decking and dock materials include composite decking products. They are manufactured with a combination of recycled plastics, wood, and additional organic products. They come with a protective shell and long warranties. Contact us for additional information.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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