Gathering The Facts With The Assistance Of A Car Accident Lawyer in Federal Way

A Car Accident Lawyer Federal Way gathers the facts about the accident as quickly as possible to ensure accuracy of your testimony. Trauma from automobile accidents has been known to cause victims to lose even minor details in the beginning. An attorney who handles these cases will visit you while you are still in the hospital to collect these details. Once these details are documented the attorney can produce a claim based on your recollection of the events that caused the accident in addition to medical files. To discover the urgency of these details, contact A. Robert E. Thomson today.

Car Accidents and Tragedy

Car accidents are known for producing detrimental injuries and fatalities. The extent of these injuries is not predictable and may still lead to a fatality later on. When these accidents occur it is necessary for an attorney to visit the client in the hospital to gather evidence. The key to a successful claim is ensuring the complete accuracy of the facts and ensuring that they are indisputable. At anytime that the victim does not survive these injuries, a family member can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the accused.

Local Car Accident Attorney

The Law Offices of A. Robert E. Thomson offer you with fact gathering to ensure that your claim includes every detail possible related to your accident. This attorney presents you with effective legal representation throughout this process. If you are unable to come to his law firm to provide testimony of your accident, he will visit you while you are in the hospital to document this testimony. If you are ready to hire a personal injury attorney, contact this law office today at 253-838-3906 or visit


Your personal injury attorney assists you with car accident claims. These claims require that an accident report from law enforcement is acquired to prove fault. These reports also detail the circumstances of the accident and events that led up to it. It is necessary for law enforcement to also testify within these proceedings to share their findings, especially if an investigation was necessary. To learn more about car accident claims and begin a claim yourself,

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