Tips for Choosing Movers in Conway, AR

Moving is an incredibly stressful experience. Not only is one’s life being uprooted, but one’s home, career, and furnishings are as well. Reducing the stress of moving is essential for a better experience. To make this experience easier, one should choose a mover with caution. If one has a bad experience with a mover, like many have, it is less likely that stress will be reduced and more likely that it will be increased. Below are some tips on how to choose an efficient and trustworthy mover.

Before choosing just any run of the mill movers in Conway, AR, one should compile a list of nearby ones that are registered and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. After checking for registration, one should see if there have been any complaints lodged against the company and whether the issues were resolved. Another tip for choosing a reputable mover is asking for a written estimate after looking at the belongings. Very few reputable companies will give an estimate over the phone or online without seeing the belongings. There are a few questions that must be asked before signing a deal with a moving company. These questions revolve around the company’s insurance and practices. One should ask whether the company is insured, whether they provide the equipment, and who will be providing the unpacking and storage services when the move is complete. On the customer’s part, there should be an inventory of everything one wants moved, the dates of moving, and a question about the replacement value protection policies employed by the company.

One company of Movers in Conway, AR, that fits these requirements is Doss Moving, which can be found at This moving company offers local and international moving and storage services for clients in the Conway and Little Rock areas. It even offers full-service packing, fragile-only packing, custom crating, and vehicle and piano shipping, if applicable. Doss Moving provides a storage facility of 25,000 square feet with fire and theft protection, and the facility is climate controlled. To receive a free estimate, one must call the number listed on the website and set up an appointment.

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