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There are times in life when we all want to make an impression or get a message out to the world. Sometimes that message may be important like “Save the Whales” while other times we may simply want to boast about the team we play for or the school we attend. One of the most common methods we like to use for this type of display is clothing decoration. There are several ways one can go about this. For example, embroidery is often used to emblazon a company or team logo on shirts and jackets. This is also the method used for patches and baseball caps. Patches also offer us the option of quick removal and replacement should the style or design of the organization’s graphics change. Perhaps the most common method employed today is Screen Print Olathe which is often seen on custom tee shirts. Screen printing, otherwise known as silk screen printing is a technique which uses a woven mesh and ink blocking techniques to transfer the desired image.

It seems that everyone wants to get into the screen print business. Little shops often pop up in local malls offering quick custom created tee shirts. There is even one or two of these organizations floating around the web, but quick results do not equal quality. When you decide to use a screen print service you want a company with experience at producing quality products. Screen Print Olathe can be useful to provide custom graphic design and screen printing for non-profit organizations, security firms, schools, clubs and various organizations all over the country. T-Shirt screen printing companies proudly provide screen printing for public service organizations like fire departments, police and ambulance services. Some of their specialties are screen print transfers and customized screen printing including simulated process printing techniques.

Screen Print Olathe companies can handle a variety of print jobs. Some of their capabilities include jumbo prints, side prints and prints on sleeves, all in a variety of colors from single to twelve color prints. They can handle over the seam prints and enjoy tackling difficult and unusual jobs. They have experience in metallic inks, high density gels, water based inks and even 3-D puff prints. Their services include manual runs on hand operated presses and batch runs of practically any size on their automatic presses.

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