The Benefits of Having a Central Vacuum Installed in Long Island

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Roofing Services

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Central vacuums are vacuums that are installed within the home. There are many benefits a person can gain when they have central vacuum systems within their homes. With more and more people learning about the benefits associated with central vacuum systems Long Island are being extremely popular amongst homeowners. Installation of these systems is affordable and a customer can begin experiencing the benefits for themselves!

A central air vacuum system is a unit that has vents placed in rooms throughout the home. A homeowner would collect the debris on the floor into a pile and towards the central vacuum. The central vacuum then sucks the debris into tubes that are located within the walls to a receptacle that is located somewhere within the home. By having central vacuum installation Long Island a person no longer needs to carry a heavy vacuum unit from room to room, and most importantly, up and down the stairs!

Some other benefits a person will receive through the use of a central vacuum is the home will have healthier air, the power of central vacuums are three to four times more powerful than that of a traditional vacuum, it offers convenience, the noise of the unit is reduced tremendously, central vacuums also have a high level of versatility, and the system will also increase a home’s value.

A question most people have regarding central vacuum installation Long Island is how much does the labor cost? The average cost for central vacuum system installation is between $40 to $60 an hour. A standard job, which is 4 valves, takes roughly 8 hours to complete. Based on the standard job, it would only cost approximately $320 to $480 for installation. The system itself is relatively inexpensive as well, costing between $400 to $600.

With the community becoming aware of all of the benefits a homeowner is able to receive through central vacuum installation, it’s no wonder these systems are quickly gaining popularity. Installation and material costs are affordable and a homeowner is able to see the benefits instantly! They will be able to clean their home effectively and with little to no effort.


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