GOFIGHTER fire pump is 30% smaller & 8% lighter than comparable pumps

Our fire pump is designed for ease of installation and maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership.

Vehicle mounted fire pumps

These fire pumps are mounted on a fire truck and draw their required power from the truck engine by means of a gear box. They are identical in terms of performance to the stationary fire pumps and provide great fire extinguishing value during fire incidences.

GOFIGHTER pump is specially made to fit the demands of the Indian fire segment. This pump is available for sale exclusively in India for local market.
Features & Benefits:

• Compact, Powerful & Versatile
• Most Efficient pump in its category
• Environment friendly.
• Highly fuel efficient
• Low cost of operation and maintenance
• Offers a wide range of flows
• Ready to use mounting platform for ease of installation
• Godiva reliability and trust
• World class manufacturing facility
• SCADA based PLC control and testing lab
• Experience service staff trained at Godiva UK
• Local inventory of genuine spares

To know more give us a call on 1800 267 995 (toll free) or drop us an email on info.fmt@idexcorp.com.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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