Why Injured or Ill Veterans Should Consult with a VA Disability Attorney

The very freedoms that every citizen have in this country has been on account of brave veterans who were willing to risk their lives to keep them. Many veterans develop disabilities or become ill that could be tied to their time in the military. Learn why injured or ill veterans should consult with a reputable VA disability attorney if they are unable to work doing their usual job duties.

Many Veterans Are Unaware of the Different Benefits for Veterans

Laws regarding disability benefits to veterans can change quickly. Most veterans are unaware of the many different types of benefits for veterans that they could be eligible to receive. The disabilities do not have to be physical in nature. A leading VA disability attorney wants veterans to know that they may qualify for disability benefits if they have been diagnosed with certain mental or emotional problems.

What Types of Mental Health or Emotional Disorders Qualify as a Disability?

Diagnosing someone with a mental illness or emotional disorder can be tricky. These sorts of disorders are best treated by mental health specialists who are trained in this care field. Common mental health-related disorders include PTSD, depression, panic attacks, severe anxieties, mood disorders and many others.

Soldiers Are at Risk for Brain Trauma

Although technically a physical problem, soldiers are at higher risk of developing brain trauma from being close to loud explosions. The symptoms often mimic mental health problems making an accurate diagnosis difficult. Contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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