Green Choices For Carpet In Tucson

You can go green and be eco-friendly with your choice of carpet in Tucson. Use of natural material and fibers are prized for their natural weave and construction and textures. This article provides describes the natural fibers that are available in the carpet choices.

Wool and Sea grass For Carpet In Tucson

Wool is one of the most common natural fibers used for flooring used for carpets and rugs. Wool is not only strong, resistant to stains, piling and fine but also has a coating that allows small spills to bead up on the surface instead of permeating inside. It also has excellent heat and sound insulation properties and is an ideal choice for flooring in colder areas. It reduces the heating requirement of the space while giving a soft and cushiony effect. Wool fiber needs to be kept dry to avoid mildew and mold. Wool is also one of the premium flooring options and costs more.

Sea grass carpet floor covering is smooth and anti-static and is made from plant fibers. The fibers are tough and impermeable making it resistant to stains, discoloration and dirt. But this feature also restricts the dyes and colors that can be used with this fiber. Sea grass is only available in its natural shade with some coloring added with woven strings to provide a contrast. Sea grass is susceptible to water damage, mold and mildew and require appropriate maintenance. If you plan to use it on stairs, you will need to add grains to allow some grip as sea grass texture is extremely smooth.

Coir And Jute For Carpet In Tucson

Coir is an inexpensive natural material manufactured from the coconut husks. It is coarse with naturally rustic look and ideal for cottage and log cabins. It can also be woven into sophisticated patterns such as basket weave, diamond and herringbone. Because of it coarse structure, this carpet is not ideal for bathrooms and children’s rooms. Coir is naturally durable but susceptible to stains and can get discolored from spills. It needs to be kept away from moisture and humidity and also shouldn’t be installed on stairs as it has a loose weave.

Jute is made from plant that grows in the subtropical Asian subcontinent. Jute is mostly used in carpet backing. Jute is one of the most inexpensive natural flooring choices available. It is soft and not very durable and suffers from easy wear and tear. It is mostly ideal for low traffic environments such as bedrooms.

Other Green Considerations For Carpet In Tucson

Apart from choosing the natural fiber, other green options to consider are the recyclability of the carpet backing material and the green label on the carpet adhesives. Try to look for carpets that are shipped and manufactured closer to where you live and go for modular tiles rather than rolls.

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