Ideas for Selecting Semi Frameless Shower Doors in Hillsborough

With so many options available for home owners, many are choosing to install semi frameless shower doors in Hillsborough homes for their bathroom upgrades. With stylish finish, affordable pricing and a luxurious look, these semi-frameless shower doors are becoming quite the popular option for anybody looking to improve the look, function and style of their shower room. But the funny thing is that many consumers are not aware of their existence or what the difference between a semi frameless, a framed and a completely frameless shower door might be. In order to simplify this, here are the basic differences between these three items.

Simply stated, a semi frameless shower door unit is one that gives you the beauty of a frameless enclosure at a less expensive price. They are a great alternative to frameless shower doors especially if you have certain limitations on design, location and installation based on the structure of your bathroom. There are a wide variety of framing material options, finishes and design features. When you combine them with different glass colors, texture and thickness, choosing a semi frameless shower door is becoming a great option for home owners in Hillsborough.

Here are the basic features available.

The Single Channel Shower Door System

This option is based on a low-profile 7/8” wall rail which can accept a glass wall or door without using the traditional double channel system. This is advantageous for many reasons, but mostly because it is very simple to maintain, to clean and very functional as well. This single channel system also provides strength and durability for your semi frameless shower doors.

A Continuous Inter-locking hinge offers any home owner a secure, smooth and water tight fit for their shower doors. The doors seal magnetically with these units, which provides another tight seal, ensuring that no excess water escapes or ends up on your bathroom floor. The magnets are traditionally coated with a PVD material which ensures the reduction of rust which is very common in other similar units. This will keep your semi frameless shower door working and looking great for years.

These items also come in many different finishes, made out of a large variety of materials and are even customizable for some manufactures to create a custom-designed look. Let’s say for example that you have a fascination for chrome or diamond plate steel. Believe it or not, many manufactures have the ability to create the finish to match these highly difficult materials to replicate.

The glass selection available for semi frameless shower door units is also highly customizable. The standard size of glass is 1/4” and is available in many different privacy options such as the tint involved, the stained features of the glass or available in simple clear glass options as well.

In short, these units are highly affordable and available in many different options, designs, colors, sizes and materials. When you are looking to rebuild or refurbish your home and the bathroom is next on your list, a great solution is to choose semi frameless shower doors in Hillsborough.

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