Helping Children Make the Move

Whether you are moving just across town to another neighborhood in Mahwah, to another city in New Jersey, or across the country, moving can be extremely stressful. Even when using a professional mover, there seems to be a million details to attend to. The stress and anxiety that surround moving can be especially difficult for children. You have had control, at least in part, in deciding to move, but for children the move is something that has been thrown upon them, often against their wishes. However, there are some things that can be done to make the move easier for everyone involved.


When telling children about the upcoming move, sound positive about it. Even if you have some regrets about moving, share the excitement that you have about your promotion, your new job, or whatever it is that is precipitating your move. Talk with your children about the first time that you moved and how you felt about it. It can help to share that you were apprehensive at the time, too, and then share an unexpected benefit of the move when the mover got you to your new location.


A picture paints a thousand words. Part of the apprehension of moving centers around the unknown, and if this is a first move for any of your children, everything is going to be new and unknown. Share pictures of their new community or, if available, pictures of the new home where they will be living. Talk about how it is like Mahwah and how it is different. Get online with your children and take a virtual tour of your new town. Being able to see where they will be living can help to put some fears to rest. It may even be possible for them to investigate their new school or to check out what activities are available in their new home.


Allowing your children to pack their own boxes for the mover can help them to feel like they have some control over their own destinies. When they get the opportunity to decide which of their valued possessions will make the move and which can be given to charity, they can learn the value of making their own decisions and of helping others. Items that are moving should be put in a box marked with the child’s name so the mover will know to put it in the correct bedroom.


Moving is a huge undertaking even under the best of circumstances. It can also be an exciting adventure. If you need further help with moving questions, contact a Mahwah area mover. They will be able to give you tips about moving within New Jersey or beyond if that is where you are headed.

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