How DUI Laws Impact Responsible Drinkers

Because drunk driving is such a prevalent and serious issue, it’s no surprise that the laws have grown increasingly strict over the years. In areas like Grand Rapids and Detroit, MI, police have been keeping a much more watchful eye on those who would drive under the influence and endanger the lives of pedestrians and fellow drivers. In July 2011, for example, local police instituted a crackdown on people suspected of driving while intoxicated, threatening to punish those who were convicted with fines, higher insurance premiums, and the possibility of losing their driver’s license, as well. While this kind of law enforcement is good in that it helps to protect innocent people from negligent drivers, it also increases the risk of getting those who do drink responsibly into trouble. For this reason, drunk driving attorneys in Grand Rapids specialize in representing those who have been inaccurately charged with an alcohol-related offense, and it’s of utmost importance to consult with a drunk driving attorney if you ever find yourself in such a position.

Drunk driving is a criminal act for good reason. We’ve all heard stories about people who have been killed in accidents caused by an alcohol-impaired driver, and for many of us, drunk driving has also hit very close to home, if not in our own home. Drunk driving in Grand Rapids, MI is an issue that needs to be properly dealt with to minimize unnecessary danger. Statistics indicate that drunk driving cases are significantly less common in areas where such crimes aren’t given much leeway. However, very strict drinking laws can occasionally make it so that individuals may face arrest even if they did, in fact, drink responsibly. Since law enforcement can’t reasonably be expected to take risks to distinguish between those who are guilty of drivingdrunk as opposed to those who may have a couple of drinks without overdoing it or causing impairment, it often falls to a drunk drivingattorney to see to it that charges are accurate and reduced or dropped if necessary.

A good drunk driving attorney will take special care to examine your case and gain intimate knowledge of every little detail so that when it comes time to represent you in court, you can feel confident that your rights will be defended. These kinds of things happen on a regular basis, so most drunk drivingattorneys will beable to present a track record of successes so you’ll know that your case is safe in their hands.

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