Hiring A Criminal Lawyer In Essex For A DUI Charge

Your Criminal Lawyer in Essex provides you with effective criminal defense services after you are charged with a crime. This attorney is your first point of contact after you are arrested as you have the legal right to acquire a lawyer. Your attorney will assist you in arranging bail and help you through this difficult process. He or she will review the evidence presented by the prosecution to determine whether it is circumstantial or concrete. If you are facing a criminal charge and need assistance today, call Seigel, Tully, and Furrer today.

DUI Charges

All DUI charges require that a breathalyzer test be performed at the time of arrest. This test is more accurate than a field sobriety test in which the arresting officer believes that the driver may be intoxicated but lacks proper proof. In any case where there is not an accurate blood alcohol reading, it is likely that the prosecution’s case is dismissed for lack of evidence.

Local Attorneys

Seigel, Tully, and Furrer Law Offices provide you with legal assistance after you are arrested for a criminal charge. They will review your case to determine the most effective course of action to prove your innocence and fight for your freedom. These attorneys will assist you in understanding the legal ramifications of your case and how they will affect your life if you are convicted. They will gather evidence that will support your plead of not guilty through due diligence. To hire an attorney for your case, call this law office or visit STFLawyers.com for further details.


When you hire a Criminal Lawyer in Essex, you acquire a strong defense against the prosecution that will aid you in fighting for your freedom. These attorneys will investigate your case to determine whether evidence that proves your innocence is accessible. They will also present reasonable doubt to present the probability that you could not have committed the crime for which you are accused. For instance cases such as DUI require that an accurate breathalyzer reading is submitted as evidence. Any case in which the prosecution does not possess this reading could present the probability of dismissal.

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