How does air conditioning actually work?

Air conditioning works opposite to what many people think, air conditioning is not introducing cold air into a space, it is taking warm air from the space, making it feel cooler to the occupants. Air conditioners in Dayton OH work on the principle of evaporation, similar to the effect that a person feels if he rubs alcohol on his arm, the skins feels cooler as the alcohol evaporates. The alcohol is actually not lowering the skin temperature at all; it simply draws heat from the air away as it turns from a liquid to a gas.

Air conditioners in Dayton OH do not use alcohol but a special chemical which is known as a refrigerant, but just as the alcohol changes from liquid to gas quickly, so does this special chemical. There are a number of different refrigerants available but the most common is Freon. The refrigerant is introduced to the air conditioning unit at the factory along with a few drops of lubricant for the compressor.

A typical air conditioner is a closed system which consists of four basic components; the compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and the thermostat. The conditioned air is moved by fans and the heat is dissipated through many very thin metal fins. The compressor is the heaviest of all the components as it is designed to withstand serious pressure.

The whole operation of conditioning air starts when the refrigerant enters into the compressor. At this stage the refrigerant is a cool gas. As it enters the compressor it is basically squeezed and the gas becomes very hot and is put under extreme pressure. The hot gas goes through a maze of condensing coils which are located outside the room which is being cooled. The heat is dissipated to the ambient conditions outside. Once the refrigerant reaches the end of the condenser coil it has dropped in temperature and has become liquid.

The liquid is at high pressure and at this point is forced through the expansion valve. The liquid refrigerant is expelled from the valve a small amount at a time. As it travels through a second set of coils it evaporates, drawing the heat from the surrounding air. As a fan blows across these coils, the sensation of cooling occurs.

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