How to Buy Winter Tires

Now that we are in full blown winter– you know, freezing cold, icy roads, blizzards?– you are patting yourself on the back you made the investment a few months ago and bought yourself a set of winter tires. If that is not you, rest assured you are not alone, nor is it too late to get to your local tire shop which sells Bridgestone tires in Hackensack NJ. If you are looking for winter tires, follow these simple tips to help you make the right decision:

Your first decision to be made is whether you want an all-season tire for the whole year or purchase specific snow tires. Many critics of the all-season tire claim they are useless. This is wholly true. Perhaps the name is misleading as all-season tires do perform poorly in ice or snow, but they do quite well for cold, rainy weather. An all-weather tire is considered a superior tire for snowy conditions. For true winter driving, make the investment in snow tires.

Snow tires offer optimal grip and handling necessary to travel through and across snow and ice. True, the cost for snow Bridgestone Tires in Hackensack NJ is more, but the peace of mind driving in the dead of winter is well worth the price. Snow tires come in studless and studded options, and it is best to talk to your local tire shop to find out which is more suitable for you.

It is important to know you should never consider buying just two snow tires and using them on one axle while keeping all-season tires on the other axle. Doing so can cause the vehicle to fishtail wildly if installed upfront and if put on the rear axle, you will lose much of your steering capability. You are almost better to have no snow tires than to have just two snow tires. Don’t do it.

The final tip is to decide if you are going to buy a second set of winter wheels or continue using the existing set and have the summer tires replaced with the winter Bridgestone Tires in Hackensack NJ. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Extra winter wheels will cost more, but you will save in the expense of having to pay to use your existing wheels and continually having them mounted and balanced with the tire rotation.


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