How to Find a Good Mechanic in Puyallup WA

A good mechanic can be a car owner’s friend for life, but how do you find a good mechanic in Puyallup WA in the first place?

A good mechanic will be ASE, Automotive Service Excellence certified, there are different certifications for the different aspects of automotive repair and maintenance, check his credentials and see if he has certifications that would indicate all-round competence. Many automotive repair shops have been vetted by AAA and if they pass their inspection they will be AAA certifies and they can be identified with a sign hanging outside the shop. Once the mechanic gets AAA certification he appears on their web site so searching in your area is not difficult.

One of the best sources of information on a mechanic and his skills is through experience. Ask your friends, neighbors and family if they have any firsthand knowledge about a mechanic, is he good or bad in their opinion. A mechanic in Puyallup WA may have an internet web site himself or his employer may. Go online and check any reviews, look for overall impressions. While your on-line make a few sanity checks on the going prices for repairs and the reasons for the repair in the first place.

If you do this, try to stay in your area, prices for service and parts vary widely over the country so do not expect the same in Puyallup WA as you may find in another city.

Do a drive by of candidates. A mechanic in Puyallup WA will either be proud of his surroundings or not. If the facility that you can see is neat, tidy and organized then this tells you a lot about the people and the way they do their work. Look at the age, condition and makes of the cars that are in the lot, if they are all recent models in apparent good order that also tells you that he is well respected, on the other hand if the lot is full of older models in very poor condition that also tells you a lot about his client base. You can also learn a lot from professional drivers, don’t hesitate to talk to limo or taxi firms and ask them if they use a shop or do they do the work on their vehicles themselves. If they have their work done outside, ask for the name of the mechanic, they will be good you can be sure.

When you are making your selection of a mechanic in Puyallup WA attempt to balance convenience with price and skills. Look for a convenient location or look for a shop that offers free shuttle service or a loaner car. Look for a shop that keeps a good stock of repair parts especially if the problem is one of a specialty such as air conditioning.

In Puyallup WA there is an automobile mechanic that has years of combined experience. Apex Brake & Muffler can handle any repair or perform any maintenance; they are skilled on all makes and models of automobiles.

automobile mechanic

automobile mechanic

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