How to Prepare for New Patient Dental Exams in Trumbull, CT

Dental phobias are common in the U.S. but most patients can assuage their anxiety over visiting the dentist by making some advanced preparations and learning what to expect at their Dental Exams in Trumbull CT. Read on to find out how to prepare for an appointment with a new dentist to get started.

Confirm the Appointment

Most dentists will confirm new patient appointments by calling, sending a text message, or emailing them. New patients who don’t receive confirmation of their appointments should call 24 hours in advance to verify the place and time.

Transfer Dental Records

Dentists need access to their patients’ prior dental records to provide the best care. Patients can expedite this process by having their records transferred in advance. Contact the old dentist and find out if patients who want their records transferred need to sign release forms, then give the old dentist the fax number or email address for the new one.

Clean Teeth First

A dental hygienist will perform a comprehensive, professional cleaning at every new patient exam, but that doesn’t mean patients should skip their routine hygiene practices before they head in. Brush and floss carefully before the visit.

Arrive Early

It’s common for dentists to ask patients to fill out some extra forms prior to their new patient Dental Exams in Trumbull CT. Arrive at least 10 or 15 minutes early to allow extra time for filling out paperwork.

Make a List of Potential Problems

Be prepared to provide a basic medical and dental history and write out a list of potential problems like tooth pains or gum sensitivity in advance. This will give dentists a better idea of what to look for and will ensure that patients don’t wind up leaving without answers to their questions. It’s especially important for those who suffer from dental anxiety to create lists of questions in advance.

Find the Right Dentist

Patients who have been putting off their routine exams because they don’t like their current dentists should look for new ones. Even if it’s been a while since their last exams, good dentists are understanding and compassionate with their patients, so don’t be afraid to schedule a new patient exam at a new office. Contact Us to get started today.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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