Top 4 Reasons That It’s Time to Call a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Most people don’t pay much attention to the daily operation of their home plumbing system until their toilet or sink clogs. The last thing you want is a flooded bathroom due to a clogged or overflowing toilet. Several things cause significant drain clogs, including pouring grease down your kitchen sinks and putting too much toilet paper in your toilet. Unfortunately, some people unclog their drains using certain strong chemicals that can damage their drains in the long run. You shouldn’t wait until your drain is completely clogged to hire a drain cleaning expert. Even if your drain is functioning, you ought to look out for signs that it’s time to hire a drain cleaning professional.

Sewer smell

Clogs result in premature wear and tear in the pipes. The build-up of chemical residue damages their inner lining, causing leaks. The pipes could also crack when water under high pressure is passing through them. Consequently, damaged pipes can cause a release of sewer gases which will smell like rotten eggs.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are an indication of food waste accumulation in your drains. If you have noticed them overnight, then that is an indication that you need professional drain cleaning in Moncton, NB.

Mysterious Odors

Your drains are probably clogged when the plumbing system inside your house starts to smell unpleasant. The unusual smells could be sewer gases or waste sitting in your drains. You need to handle the smells as soon as possible by hiring a drain cleaning professional.

Unusual Sounds

One of the most visible symptoms of clogged drains is strange sounds when water is running through them. You need drain cleaning in Moncton, NB, if you notice bubbling or gurgling sounds when turning on your sink or after flushing your toilet. Water shouldn’t produce any weird noises as it passes through the drains.

Drain cleaning is inevitable if you have experienced any of these signs. Also, don’t make a mistake of relying on drain cleaners to deal with clogged drains. It’s also wise to be mindful of the things that go down your drains.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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