If you Believe you have a Medical Malpractice Suit in Cicero, Illinois

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Law

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You feel lucky to be alive. You had major surgery but things did not go as planned and now you have a permanent injury as a result. At the hospital people whispered in your ear that they think the surgical team was seriously at fault. Your family is telling you it is time to seek a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer to see if you have a viable case.

While hospitals and doctors have always been held accountable for their medical errors, they continue to be liable for malpractice in certain situations.

In the Cicero area you have a plethora of medical malpractice attorneys in Cicero to help you get the justice you deserve. You need a firm with lawyers who understand the trauma, suffering and the long term issues you will have. What you need the most is a law firm that will do everything they can to fight for you and your case.

You have huge medical bills to pay, even with your health insurance. You may need extra medical care for the rest of your life due to the surgical error. You might even need devices such as a wheelchair, adjustments to your bathroom and other changes to your home to help you live in some proximity of safety and comfort. There is also a chance that you may never be able to return to your job and so you have lost wages to deal with as well.

For a medical malpractice attorney Cicero, please contact Shea Law Group.

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