The Rubi Tile Cutter Collection Truly Offers Something for Everyone

Tile cutters are very important tools when you’re a tiler working on bathrooms and other areas of a home. Let’s face it, cutting certain tiles is almost always needed in order to make the area look right, and when you’re researching tile cutters, a few brands will tend to pop up frequently. One of them is the Rubi brand and indeed, a good Rubi tile cutter is reasonably priced but a very efficient tile-cutting tool, making it truly invaluable. The company also makes different types of cutters, so there is something available for everyone.

Different Products for Different Needs

Rubi makes numerous tile cutters, and their TS-MAX cutters are lightweight but efficient, user-friendly, and can cut very hard and thick tiles that are up to 9/16” in size. The Rubi TS-66 max tile cutter is just one of the models you’ll find yourself using on a regular basis. In addition to this 66-inch cutter, Rubi makes cutters that are 17, 22, and 75 inches in size, so finding exactly what you need will never be a problem.

No Need to Look Far

The Rubi tile cutter collection has everything you need to cut tiles quickly and accurately every time. They come in various sizes and offer advantages such as an ergonomic handle, a convenient carrying bag, interchangeable scoring wheels, and a design that includes high-quality materials so they can last a very long time. You can find this brand in most stores—both brick-and-mortar and online—and they are reasonably priced as well, making them even more convenient to purchase.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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