If you need a Root Canal Rochester Hills Michigan has a dentist who can help

by | May 7, 2013 | Dentistry

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The inside of a tooth called the “pulp” can sometimes become infected causing abscesses and intense pain and in order for the infection to be removed a root canal is performed removing any infection and damaged pulp and tissue. Dealing with a tooth that is in need of a root canal is a painful and sometimes frightening experience, especially for those who are afraid of the dentist. In order to remove the infection the tooth has to be drilled into and the infection is drained and the tooth is eventually filled. This process usually takes a few weeks to complete in order to be sure that there is no remaining infection or bacteria left in the tooth.

If you are in need of a Root Canal Rochester Hills, Michigan has a dentist named Dr. Robert W. Haag who is trained to remedy the problem. Dr. Haag has been working as a dentist for the last 25 years and focuses on cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, but he also offers other services such as fillings, periodontal therapy and root canal therapy. He also takes special care to treat children at his office. He accepts children starting at age 3 and older and tries to make their whole dentist experience as soothing and enjoyable as possible.

Dr. Haag offers a preventative care program to help his patients prevent dental problems by instructing them on how to properly clean their teeth at home and also helping deal with tooth sensitivity which can be caused by tooth enamel erosion from acidic foods. He also offers a free consultation service so when you go in as a new patient he will assess your dental needs and he is open to answering your questions. Something that helps put your mind at ease is that he also will see you the same day if you ever have a dental emergency which is reassuring if you ever do need to call on him outside of normal office hours. Whether you need a routine checkup, a filling, teeth whitening or a Root Canal Rochester Hills office of Dr. Robert W. Haag has services available to help you.

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