If You Want To Parasail In Destin, Florida Read These Questions First

If you love an adventure and having fun in the water, you’ll have to make plans to Parasail in Destin, Florida. Here you’ll be able to parasail in the Gulf of Mexico or the bay, depending on the weather conditions that day. This is a fun and safe activity that people of all ages can enjoy. If you’re interested in parasailing, below you’ll find some common questions and answers about this exciting sport.

Q.) I’ve never parasailed before, will I need to learn before I take part in the activity?

A.) No, you don’t have to be an experienced parasailer and it’s okay if this is your first time. Parasailing is easy, but you’ll have a few simple instructions to follow before you begin your adventure. The experienced crew will tell you exactly what to do and in minutes you will be an experienced parasailer.

Q.) My 10 year old son wants to parasail, is there an age or weight requirement?

A.) This is an easy and safe activity for people of any age, however, the age requirement for children is 6 years old. This age requirement is put into place because children have to be old enough to understand the instructions given by the crew. The minimum weight requirement is 90 pounds, under favorable wind conditions, and the maximum weight for parasailing is 500 pounds.

Q.) Can my friend and I parasail together?

A.) Yes, you and your friend can double Parasail in Destin, Florida and enjoy the adventure together. Solo flights are also available if you want to go up by yourself. You’ll also be able to purchase pictures and a video of your parasailing adventure so you can show them to your family and friends at home.

In addition to parasailing, XtremeH20 Watersports offers other great activities you’ll enjoy in the water. When you rent a pontoon boat for half of the day or for the entire day, you and your friends can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. If you like a little more speed, take advantage of the jet ski rentals. Another great activity you won’t want to miss is the dolphin tour, where you can enjoy the dolphins up close.

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