Information About Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Coeur D’Alene ID

A typical person has one or more teeth extracted in his lifetime. Some teeth are removed when decay makes them unrestorable. Other teeth are removed for aesthetic reasons when a person is getting dental devices such as implants. Finally, many people have one or more of their wisdom teeth removed when they become impacted or problematic. The third molars in a person’s mouth are the wisdom teeth. Most of the time these molars are misaligned, which can cause them to come in sideways or at other odd angles. When this happens, it can cause pain and compromise the integrity of adjacent teeth. One of the treatments for this is wisdom teeth extraction Coeur D’Alene, ID at a reputable dental office such as Lakeview Dental Clinic.

Pulling out wisdom teeth that are impacted or misaligned is a fairly straightforward process. This procedure is done in a dentist office under a local anesthetic. This is used to numb the surrounding tissue. Some dentist will give a patient a sedative to control anxiety. If the wisdom tooth has broken through the gum-line, it can easily be pulled. However, if the wisdom tooth is underneath the gums, a person will have to have an incision made in his gums to access the tooth for pulling.

Before any tooth is pulled, a dentist or oral surgeon will give a patient an examination to check for any problems at Lakeview Dental Clinic. After this, he will numb the area around the tooth so you won’t feel much pain. A patient may be given nitrous oxide to help with stress. The dentist will use dental forceps to loosen and pull the wisdom tooth out. This will involve some wiggling and pulling to get the tooth and its root or roots out.

After a dentist has pulled a wisdom tooth out, he will have a patient bite down on gauze to stop the bleeding. You can usually drive yourself home if you only used nitrous oxide. A wisdom teeth Extraction Coeur D’Alene, ID may involve bleeding for the first 24 hours. A person may also have swelling in the face. Using an ice pack will help with this swelling. Be sure to take all pain medication as directed, as well as antibiotics to any infection present.

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