Indian Wedding Traditions Becoming Mainstream

As weddings evolve further and further away from tradition many couples are electing to seek out meaningful traditions of a mix of ceremonies used around the world. Using Indian wedding traditions is becoming popular due to the symbolism and beauty associated with the ceremony. Here are some of the Indian wedding traditions you might want to consider for your non-traditional wedding.

Scroll wedding cards

It all starts with the invitation and beautiful scroll wedding cards can really make an impression on your guest list. Indian weddings use these traditional wedding cards which are literally a scroll that is unrolled to read your wedding announcement. Scroll wedding cards come with a decorative box and you can even order a decorative container with filigreed ends in gold or silver. For truly unique invitations this scroll wedding cards are perfect.

Henna Parties

Perhaps a perfect replacement for the hen party, the Indian tradition of members of the wedding party having the palms of their hands adorned with beautifully patterned henna painting is another Indian tradition some brides are embracing. The intricate designs can last for a couple of weeks and the tradition is used to protect the bride from evil.

Floral Garland

Another tradition that works well for beach weddings is the exchanging of floral necklaces between the bride and groom. Floral petals can also be sprinkled on the bride and groom to scare away evil. This is usually performed by the groom’s brother but it can be done by the best man as well.

Circle of Love

Circle ceremonies are becoming popular, but the Indian tradition of the seven steps is poignant, beautiful and steeped in tradition. This Hindu tradition is called saptapadi. The seven steps are:
1. Respect and honor
2. Joy and sorrow
3. Trust and loyalty
4. Cultivation of knowledge, values, sacrifice and service
5. Vow of purity, love, family and spirituality
6. Follow principles of righteousness (Dharma)
7. Nurturing an eternal bond of friendship and love

Other traditions include having the couples tied together to signify their bond, but the modern bride might consider this a little archaic. The couple can also be swathed in a lovely shawl or scarf to tie them and their families together. Visit .




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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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