The Divorce Attorney in Birmingham, AL Can Bring the Parties Together for a Peaceful Divorce

A divorce case doesn’t have to turn ugly and hostile. However, long before the divorce has been filed the parties have usually built up enough acrimony to allow hostility to be a controlling factor. Regardless, the hostility doesn’t have to control the divorce proceedings if the attorneys can help the parties see the futility of negative actions. The first consideration that fighting couples should recognize is if they cannot agree on any matter, the judge will decide the issue for them and the cost for the hostility reaching this level is emotional suffering and lots of money.

Of course, each party has rights in a divorce proceeding, and their rights should be protected, but not with a battle that rivals the fight conducted by the Roman gladiators. The Divorce Attorney in Birmingham, AL will help the party they represent see the futility of a protracted battle that will result in bad feelings for a long time. The absolute bitterness that grows out of a divorce can harm a person for many years. Divorce attorneys can often get their clients to see the disastrous results of their steadfast position which has very little merit and no long-term impact on the outcome of the divorce.

If the contentious issue does have merit, then the attorney can begin to get his client to work on an agreement that is reasonable and hopefully acceptable to the other party. Often, the attorney has the job of focusing attention on what the law will allow. If the issue is not covered by the law, then it is a matter of getting attention focused on the common sense position. This can be done by extrapolating the client’s argument out to the e extreme to show them what their position really looks like. Then, help them see how a judge would look at it; how would the client look at it if they were the judge. It helps to brief the client on the law and the rules of the court, and then ask the client to look at their position in light of this information. A Divorce Attorney in Birmingham, AL has the experience to accomplish this.

The purpose of a divorce attorney is to arrange for a decree of divorce if the parties cannot reconcile. However, an attorney at Forstman & Cutchen LLP can help clients really look at themselves and look at what they are really doing.

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