Information on Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County

Going through a divorce is one of the toughest things a person can go through. Not only are you dealing with the fact your marriage is over, but things can be complicated with children and property disagreements. To get through your divorce, it is important you understand your rights and do everything you can to protect those rights. Though your attorney cannot help you with the pain of divorce, he or she can make the process go much more smoothly so you can focus on getting on with your life.

How Can Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County Help You with Your Divorce?

When you first meet with your attorney, you will go over the details of your marriage, your children and your assets. This will assist your attorney in helping to represent you through your case. The first step in getting a divorce will involve the attorney filing a petition with the courts. This petition will state your grounds for divorce and will be sent to your spouse for him or her to respond. At this point, an appearance will be scheduled and pressing issues like temporary custody and spousal support issues will be discussed.

Before your case goes to the final divorce hearing, a mediation will be scheduled. This mediation process allows both parties to sit down with their attorneys and the Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County at Cobert, Haber and Haber. The mediation process is set up so the divorce may be settled. If a settlement cannot be reached during this meeting or subsequent meetings, the divorce will be headed to court, to be decided on by the judge. Either way, your attorney will work to represent you throughout your case.

If you are going through a divorce and are in need of help, contact an attorney and get help from a mediator. This can help you to settle your divorce as amicably as possible, so there is less stress through the process. To get help with your case, contact the Divorce Attorney at Cobert, Haber and Haber. Here, you can find the help you need, to help ensure your rights are fully protected.


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