DUI Lawyer in Hartford: Determining If You Were Intoxicated

One thing many people wonder about is how exactly an officer knows to pull someone over because they think they might be intoxicated by alcohol or some other controlled substance. It is not uncommon for this to be one of the first questions a client might ask their DUI Lawyer in Hartford. Typically, a police officer is going to use one of three techniques to determine whether or not someone operating a vehicle might be under the influence. If they even think you might be under the influence, they are going to pull you over and check. It is better for them to be wrong then them to second guess themselves and let someone drive around drunk right along side of them.

The First Technique

Observation is the first technique a police officer is going to use to decide whether or not someone is drunk. Whether or not you are a police officer, it is usually pretty easy to look at how someone is driving and tell if they are intoxicated. After all, drunk drivers are not the calmest drivers on the road. They are usually speeding, having trouble staying in the same lane. They also have a slow, if any, response time to red lights and stop signs. Even with observation, it is possible for police officers to make a mistake. You could just be driving erratically because you are exhausted or because you are on the phone.

Testing Your Breath and Blood

Testing your breath and blood are the second and third techniques a police officer will use to determine whether or not you are drunk. When an officer initially pulls you over, they might ask you to count to 20, say the alphabet, or walk a straight line. If you struggle to do any of these, they might ask you to take a Breathalyzer test as well.

Your DUI Lawyer in Hartford may tell you refusing the Breathalyzer test is considered an admission of guilt. Sometimes, refusing is actually worse than taking the test and confirming that you are drunk. However, but taking take the test, you can see you have a problem. To know more Visit Website.

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