Injured in a Tractor Trailer Accident in Covington? Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

A driver can be traumatized for life, if his car is hit by a large truck. Imagine the terror he felt watching a truck drive over the median strip and drive straight toward him. Because a truck is so much larger than a car, people in the car often experience serious injuries. If the tractor trailer accident in Covington was caused by negligence then the car driver is entitled to damages to pay for medical care, lost wages, emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Examples of negligence include speeding, improper truck maintenance, drunk or drugged driving and failure to take the required rest breaks.

Any person who thinks that they were injured in a Tractor Trailer Accident in Covington due to negligence should contact a personal injury lawyer for help. Both the trucking company and their insurance company will do everything possible to reject the insurance claim for damages. Both companies are in business to make profits for their owners. They are not there to help injured drivers. Lawyers and private investigators will be on the scene quickly to protect the interest of the trucking company. While trucks often use GPS systems and tracking devices to monitor driver performance and the location of the truck, these may quickly disappear. Unless a court prohibits them from junking their truck, they may quickly dispose of it and any evidence.

Trucking company lawyers will also try to get the injured driver to accept a very small payout. They may even show up in their hospital room with an offer. If the injured car driver accepts this settlement, he will also have to sign an agreement prohibiting him from requesting more. Often these settlements are for a small fraction of what a fair settlement is. Once the driver has hired a lawyer, all communication with the insurance company is through the lawyer. This prevents the person from saying something that will weaken their case. It also allows them to focus on healing, while the attorney focuses on winning the damages that the person is entitled to. Most insurance claims are settled out of court, when a lawyer is representing an injured person. Insurance companies know the lawyer is ready to try their case in font of a jury.

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