Outdoor Patio Canopy: Determine Your Coverage Needs

There are many different uses for an outdoor patio canopy. There are just as many versatile designs, grades, sizes and styles to choose from. When searching for the perfect canopy, the variety of choices can seem overwhelming, but there are some things you can do to help you make the best possible selection of a multipurpose outdoor patio canopy.

There are so many different uses for outdoor patio canopies, both commercial and private. Businesses can use them to shelter their products and materials from weather and sun, and to provide shaded areas for employees to use during special events. Civic organizations use them when sponsoring fundraisers and other civic events. They are also popular for outdoor weddings, dances, barbecues, pool parties and anytime protection from the sun or weather is needed.

Choosing the Right Canopy for its Intended Purpose

Outdoor patio canopies come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, styles and strengths. Determine what you will be using the canopy for and if you only plan on purchasing one, you may wish to consider the largest sizes available when anticipating needs. This means the maximum amount of space you will need to cover, an estimate of how many people or what type of vehicle or other things you may wish to shelter with the canopy. This helps to expand the number of things you will be able to use your canopy for.

Pay Attention to the Rating Grade

Also consider the grade of canopy which you may need. Canopies range in standard (lighter grade), heavy duty and commercial duty grades. Commercial duty canopies are made to be a bit more rugged in order to withstand the elements over an extended period of time and they are recommended for shielding campers, boats, RVs or other vehicles indefinitely. By doing a little pre-planning, you can avoid frustration by purchasing a patio canopy which is of adequate size and design for multiple uses.

Style of Canopy

Next, consider which style you will need. Canopies come in flat designs, peaks, awning style, valence top and caravan styles. Peak designs provide for additional height in the middle for additional room in the center of the canopy. Awning styles provide the benefits of the peak for extra room in the middle and additional flatter coverage off to both sides.

There is a wide variety to choose from when browsing for an outdoor patio canopy. First figuring out specifically what you will be using it for will help you to narrow down your choices. By considering what different types of events you may sponsor and additionally, the maximum amount of space you may need when using your canopy, you can more easily choose one which will serve multiple purposes. For more information about the different styles of canopies as well as their uses, you can visit the Canopy Mart.


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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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