Interior and exterior basement waterproofing in Eastbourne

There are a number of ways to undertake exterior basement waterproofing in Eastbourne. The location of your home and the type of home will have an effect on the interior and exterior waterproofing that is best suited for the job. Every option has pros and cons, perhaps the discussions below will shed light on whether interior or exterior waterproofing of your basement should be done.

Cracks and fissures:

It makes no difference at all whether you opt for interior waterproofing or exterior, the holes and cracks in the basement walls and floor must be repaired. Interior basement waterproofing requires that considerable time and effort be put into the repair of the cracks and holes if the waterproofing is going to be successful. There are a number of commercial products available to patch these potential leak points, you may wish to discuss the pros and cons of the materials with the supplier.

Skin shielding:

A skin shield is only used on the outside of the basement wall. Once the wall has been painted with a waterproof paint, the skin shield is applied. It acts as a barrier between the water laden soil and the wall. The skin shield is a honeycomb rubberized material.

Waterproof paint:

Regardless of inside or outside basement waterproofing in Eastbourne will always include waterproof paint. Waterproof paint is a latex base material which does not allow for water adherence nor does it quickly degrade. The waterproof paint that is used on exterior walls is different than that used inside. Exterior walls are subjected to a steady barrage of water so the paint must be more durable.

Water drainage:

One of the keys to a dry basement is drainage. Drainage is usually an external issue, it can be as simply as well designed downspouts which will carry the water well away from the foundations or it can be a drain pipe which is located in a trench that has been dug around the perimeter of the house. The drain pipe can be directed towards a low swale on the property or it can be hooked up directly to the storm water sewer. If these methods of drainage do not solve the problem then the walls will have to be exposed to the foundation and a water sock installed.

It may be found that basement waterproofing in Eastbourne will require an external system. Cavity Tech Systems Ltd can provide a wide range of solutions.

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