Larger jobs at you business premises

If we must undertake a clear out at our business premises or perhaps have some of the building renovated then we may require the use of skip. If we use the business premises to entertain customers of maybe there is the need for customers to visit the business premises to view stock then it is not a good idea to have waste or debris dotted around the area. It does not promote the right impression to the customer and may result in loss of orders, loss of business or even negative publicity. When deciding to undertake a renovation or have a clear out then it is wise to plan for the removal of waste. We should thoroughly plan exactly what type of waste is to be removed together with the amount of waste to be removed. Consult one of the many companies dealing skips in Oxfordshire. It is possible to visit them at their premises or call them and discuss your requirements. Companies that deal with skips in Oxfordshire have lots of experience regarding such projects and will be able to gibe you the advice and assistance required in order for you to make an informed decision regarding what size and style of skip would best suit your needs. If the skip is to be positioned on the side of the road outside of your business premises then you will need to apply for a permit. The skip hire company can usually assist you with this.

Extra large builders skip

For major waste removal then we should consider hiring one of these skips. As the name suggests it is perfect for a builders yard and therefore is ideal for the removal of rubble and bricks. Perhaps the business premises have undergone a refurbishment or renovation and you need to remove the associated waste. These skips are usually around 14 yards in size and take up a lot of room so an area must be found that is suitable for the skip to be positioned.

Double extra large builders skip

For the biggest of jobs we can consider this size of skip. They can accommodate a lot of waste but be sure to estimate the amount of waste correctly as these are the most expensive size of skips.

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