Law Firm Junction City KS Vows to Protect Citizens’ Rights

Are you facing a lawsuit or are just in need of some legal advice? Have you been hurt in an automobile accident, trying to get custody of the children, need some help with living trusts or don’t know what to do about a loved one who you feel had a wrongful death? All these diverse matters and more can be handled by calling on Oleen Law Firm, a legal team located in Manhattan, Kansas. As also a Law Firm Junction City KS, they are ready to defend and protect residents there as well as in Manhattan.

If you live near Junction City or Manhattan, you may be surprised to realize just how your city ranks with others as far as crime is concerned. Compared with the national average of 2011, Junction City had 79% ratio of the property crime rates. In that same year, violent crimes rate in Junction City was over 1 1/2 times more than the national average. An amazing figure considering how small Junction City is compared to major cities across the U.S.A. These figures are not to dismay you or make you afraid, but just to show you the likelihood of you being involved in a situation that will warrant your need for an effective attorney is better than probable.

The Oleen Law Firm will always protect your best interests and are committed to ensuring that your basic rights are always protected. The are experienced in the areas of criminal law, such as sex crimes, misdemeanors and high level felonies and family law dealing with issues such as annulments, legal separations and divorce. They even have special provisions for military divorces and offer a military discounts to soldiers and their families in the Riley and Geary County area. Other areas of law practice are: personal injury, such as workers’ compensation, wrongful death and medical malpractice, traffic law, such as DUI, traffic misdemeanors and revoked or suspended drivers’ licenses and wills and estates, such as power of attorney, estate planning and long term care. Take advantage of their wide range of legal services. For a Law Firm in Junction City KS, or in Manhattan, Kansas, call the Oleen Law Firm.

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