Looking for a Knowledgeable Rental Management Company?

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Real Estate Services

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Filling the role of landlord effectively demands an understanding of legalities, leasing, evictions, and many other issues.  Many property owners who make investments simply to benefit from the rental revenue prefer not to fulfill both the roles of owner and landlord.  It takes a special sort of person to be a reliable, fair, and firm landlord, and many property owners simply do not want the responsibility.  If you own an investment and are interested in rental management, Charlotte specialists will assume the responsibilities that come with being a landlord for you.  By utilizing their knowledge of landlord and tenant laws, drawing up leases, retrieving late payments, and if necessary, initiating evictions, you can enjoy the returns without the added stress.

Creating a Lease
One of the most common tasks property managers handle for rental owners is leasing.  After a tenant has completed a rigorous screening and has been approved for rental, a property manager will draw up the lease.  Leases include a number of terms that tenants must agree to live by, or else, they may face legal repercussions, such as an unlawful detainer lawsuit.  A manager will normally help you decide on lease terms and may suggest adding conditions that concern pet ownership and the number of occupants allowed in a single unit.  After the lease has been signed, the property manager will act as an enforcer and regularly check to make sure each tenant is abiding by their lease.

Enforcing Agreements
If the rent payment is not received or if the terms of the lease are broken, a property manager will send out a notice to the tenant.  Generally, the notice will give the renter until an appointed date to rectify the situation or face the appointed penalty.  For example, if a tenant did not make their payment on time and gave no explanation as to why, a manager may give them a certain amount of time to pay in full or possibly face eviction.  Chasing down rent and dealing with problematic tenants is one of the main reasons why many owners choose to hire rental management Charlotte, as it relieves a great deal of stress.

Real Property Management assists owners with managing different types of investments, including rental properties.  With the help of their highly trained, skilled employees, you can get the most out of your investment.


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