How to Select the Best Property Management Company

Selecting the right property management company Spokane specialists can be daunting but well worth the effort if you find a quality company that can take the worry from your shoulders.  Property investors need to spend an ample amount of time researching multiple companies before they make a decision on what firm to hire because a bad management company can be worse than not having a management company at all. There are several ways property investors can find high caliber management companies that will exceed their expectations.

Interview Companies Thoroughly

Do not take a company’s word that they are the best as gospel.  As the property owner, you are the boss.  Take control of the initial consultation by interviewing them thoroughly.  Make a list of things you want to ask before you meet with them, and make sure you get the information you want, not just the promotional information they want you to hear.

Check with the Locals

No one will have more knowledge on how well property management agencies function in a community than what the locals will.  Try to speak with people who have had direct dealings with each management company you are considering.  Property owners and tenants or former tenants have nothing to lose by telling you the truth, so you can usually trust their opinions.

Read Reviews

Online reviews can be extremely helpful.  While you can not necessarily believe everything you read, you will still be able to get an inkling of which rental management companies are good and which are bad.  Try to browse through reviews from several sites, and read reviews that are neutral or good.  Oftentimes, someone who is disgruntled will post a bad review, but that does not always mean the management company is bad.

Contact the Better Business Bureau

The BBB has a wealth of information on most companies that operate in the United States.  You will be able to learn about complaints that have been filed on a particular company, what the complaints were, whether or not they handled the complaints with professionalism, and what action the company took to resolve the complaint.  In most cases, you will be able to see the actual correspondence between the particular management company and the person who initiated the complaint, so you will be able to get an idea of whether or not the company was professional throughout the complaint process.  Professionalism is vital in the property management business.

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