Making Decisions About Your Hair Before Going to a St. Louis Salon

Going to a salon should be a simple task. However, there are a few details to keep in mind that can reduce the time you have to wait and that can result in the best services possible.


Try to find a style that you like before going to a hair salon in St. Louis MO. There are programs online that allow you to upload a picture of yourself so that you can see what different styles might look like before you go to the salon. You can also look at pictures online and in magazines to get a few ideas in your mind before talking to a stylist.

Try to find styles that inspire you. It doesn’t have to be a complete look; it can be a certain color or a certain styling technique. But if you can find a variety of things that you like by searching Pinterest or Google then bring those to your stylist, it’s a great way to open up good conversation allowing them to start creating a custom look inspired by things that you like and find beautiful.

You can also request a zoom consultation to start ironing out the details prior to booking an appointment. This will also allow you a much better opportunity to create a successful experience because your stylist and you have a chance to work together prior to your appointment. It also ensures that the timing for your service is correct.

Daily Life

Consider the activities that you do during the day. If you stay at home, then you might not think much about a certain style since you’ll likely have time to do what you want to your hair. However, if you work in an office or a customer service setting, then you might want to consider a professional appearance. The style that you choose should be one that’s easy to manage for your daily life.

Considering how you spend most of your time is hugely important to creating a successful style for you. If most of the time you spend is in a casual atmosphere, then most likely going with a very polished Bob or elect that combats your natural texture would not be your best choice. If a professional appearance is how you spend most of your day, then you would want to consider other luxe as well. Finding a qualified stylist to work through these details with will give you the best opportunity to absolutely love your hair every day.


Hair is a very personal decision for everyone. Developing a trusting relationship with your stylist is important. For example, be as honest as you can with your stylist at a hair salon in St. Louis MO. They need to know if you notice any medical-related issues affecting your hair or if there are conditions with your hair that could result in dyes not working as they should. You also need to let the stylist know of any medications that you’re taking as these could impact how chemicals react with your hair.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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