Seek Coronavirus Testing in Ocean Township New Jersey for a Dry Cough

While a mild runny nose and sneezing do not seem to be commonly associated with coronavirus, a dry, hacking cough does. A persistent dry cough, especially if accompanied, by fever, shortness of breath, and fatigue, may indicate the presence of the virus. It is important that you seek coronavirus testing in Ocean Township New Jersey if you develop a hacking cough because a delay in diagnosis and treatment may result in the following consequences.

Low Blood Oxygen Levels

A persistent dry cough may be caused by low blood oxygen levels or conversely, it may actually cause low blood oxygen levels. The latter is more common in people who become short of breath as a result of persistent coughing. If your blood oxygen level becomes too low, you may experience further shortness of breath, dizziness, blurred vision, and even cardiovascular problems.

When you go for your coronavirus testing in Ocean Township New Jersey, the physician or nurse will check your blood oxygen saturation level, if warranted. If too low, supplemental oxygen may be administered. If supplemental oxygen fails to raise your blood levels, hospitalization may be recommended.

Pharyngeal Bleeding

Another reason why you need to get tested and treated if you have coronavirus symptoms is that unrelenting coughing can damage the pharyngeal tissue in the back of your throat. If this happens, you may experience heavy bleeding that can lead to swallowing large amounts of blood, gastrointestinal problems, and choking.

If you need to get tested for COVID 19, visit Central Jersey Urgent Care Of Ocean, where you will be quickly evaluated and treated.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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