Masonic Rings: Their Meaning and Where to Find Them

The Masonic signet ring is one of the most obvious symbols a dedicated mason shows to the world. These rings are a milestone achievement as well as greatly respected by the men who wear them because they are a symbol that proves the wearer has reached the rank of Master Mason. Masonic Rings, though they may vary in appearance, are easily identifiable. They will typically display the symbol for the masons in the centre of the ring. This symbol is the Masonic square and compass, which may appear to others to be the letters A and V, with a capital letter G in the centre. This letter is there to remind the Masons of the importance of God, who is to always be kept at the centre of their organization.

The signet rings are designed to leave an impression when pressed into wax. This was often used historically as an official seal. This is one task that all signet rings in history were made to do. Both as a symbol of where a letter or document originated from as well as to provide security to sealed documents. Not all masonic rings are genuine signet rings, but most will still have raised symbols to give them an authentic appearance.

The Masons have not created any specific regulations regarding how jewellery is to be worn. Master Masons can choose to wear their ring facing in either direction and are free to choose which hand and which finger the ring is worn on as well. Masons are also never required to wear the ring or any jewellery; it is always left as their own personal choice. Masonic Rings, just like all other jewellery displaying the mason insignias are not purchased by the lodge the mason is a member of as each member is required to purchase their own if they wish to have it. Many Masons do choose to purchase these items, often gathering a collection of this type of jewellery in both new and vintage designs.

Since there is no official ring, there are no official makers of them either. Masons are free to choose the jewellery makers they want and purchase the ring design that appeals to them. Many of the rings are very similar, but unique designs exist as well for those who want to wear something a little different.

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