The Process that Decontamination Services Use to Remove Mold in CT

The discovery of mold is never a pleasant discovery. Once it is discovered, the entire area has to be decontaminated safely because it is such a health hazard. This decontamination process requires several different steps to ensure its proper removal. These are the steps in the process of ensuring all the mold is removed so that your home is safe to live in.

One of the first steps that the Decontamination Services in CT takes is to setup an enclosed area. This process includes blocking off all of the entrances and exits except for one to the room containing the mold. All air flow vents are also blocked off to the room. This is to help prevent the spread of mold spores throughout the home while the decontamination is in process. A negative air pressure is setup with the help of a pump inside the room. Once the room is prepared, the next step begins.

All workers from the Decontamination Services in CT who are involved in the removal process will don protective gear before entering the room. They will also wear air respirators to prevent breathing in mold spores. Once the workers enter the room, the area is resealed and the work can begin. All of the materials containing the mold are removed and packaged up. The areas may also be decontaminated with special cleaners depending on the material that the surface is attached to.

After the mold is removed from the area, the Decontamination Services in CT will package the mold up in special bags. These bags are marked with the potential hazard. All bags are decontaminated once they are removed from the area. The worker’s protective gear is also bagged up once the workers leave the area. All of this is considered hazardous material and will be disposed as hazardous material.

Once the decontamination has been done, the air is tested for mold spores. Once the testing is completed, the area is declared free of mold. If you discover that your home has been invaded by mold, contact AA Asbestos Abatement LLC for help in decontaminating your home.

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