Natural Body Wraps for Healing and Beauty

Spa treatments have become more sophisticated over the years. Many use new techniques and technology for all types of beauty treatments; however, some treatments have been in existence for centuries. Body Wraps can be traced back to the days of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and its longevity in the spa industry as an effective beauty treatment testifies to its value, and popularity among its faithful customers. Although there are many different types of Body Wraps, generally they are used for detoxification, weight loss, healing, restoring minerals, and to nourish, tighten, and tone the skin. They are not just relaxing body treatments; each method has a specific purpose, and produces favorable results for spa patrons.

Many people do their best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but toxins enter the body frequently through the air, and they are present in certain foods and liquids. Many products also contain toxins that enter the body through the pores of the skin. Although the body is designed to get rid of toxic substances in the body through the liver and the kidneys, often there are too many toxins to handle, and they get stored in fat cells as a result. Body wraps use natural substances that draw out these toxins stored in the body, and excess fluids the body retains as well.

The Chai Soy Mud Wrap is a popular body wrap that contains Colorado Indian clay, aromatic chai tea, organic soy and colloidal minerals. It is an Asian-inspired technique that mixes all these elements together, and they are applied all over the body to extract toxins throughout the system. The body is then wrapped up in a warmed blanket to complete the process of extraction, and custom blended oils are applied after the blanket is thoroughly wrapped around the body. This body wrap is a powerful exfoliating and detoxifying agent that also provides essential nourishment and minerals for a rejuvenated mind and body. Spa patrons can relax for an hour as the treatment begins to work.

Blue Water Spa offers Chai Soy Mud Wrap treatments in a beautiful massage room equipped with a private shower and bathroom. The spa center has a relaxing and comfortable environment with private treatment rooms and friendly service. Body wraps capture the healing elements that nature provides. They have an amazing effect on the texture of the skin and its appearance, and patrons often feel healthier and revitalized after treatment.

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