Keep a Yard Beautiful with a Mowing and Trimming Service in Virginia Beach

People take great pride in their yards. It’s the first thing that people notice when they pull into the driveway. Every region has it’s unique climate and soil conditions that affect how flowers and grass grow. When homeowners are considering a landscaping service, they should consider one with experience in managing these issues. Southern Roots of Virginia has been providing moving & trimming in Virginia Beach services for over 55 years. They also are known for their customer service. Before they begin any work on a yard, they meet with the customer to determine how they want their yard and landscaping to look.

Once the customer and company representative have established the appropriate landscaping goals, they set up a schedule for mowing and trimming the yard. expert landscapers will arrive on schedule with the equipment that they need to do the job correctly and quickly. As the landscapers mow the lawn all clippings will be collected. The yard will look pristine when they are finished. Bushes, hedges and trees can grow quickly. If not trimmed regularly, the neatest yard can look overgrown and unkempt. The same thing can happen to the edges of walkways, garden beds, and the areas around trees. Whenever it is needed, the landscaper can take the time to clean up these edges.

Depending upon the season and weather, leaves can inundate a yard. Late fall is certainly a time when this can be expected. However, summer storms and hurricanes can shake leaves off of the trees and rip branches off of bushes. Landscapers can rake leaves and pick up branches whenever it is necessary. In addition to these Mowing and trimming in Virginia Beach services, landscapers may have to apply lime and other fertilizers to keep the yard green. Aeration is also another lawn-care technique to keep the grass looking its best. Sometimes it’s necessary to replace sod after a storm or pest attack. All of these tasks can be easily addressed during lawn care appointments. When professionals are caring for a lawn, they notice issues and can deal with them before they get out of hand. That ensures that a yard is always a source of pride for its owners.

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