Now Is A Perfect Time To Have Your Pool Installed For Next Summer By Norfolk Pool Company

Do you think that summer is over? It’s not it’s just beginning. The end of summer is a perfect time to put in a pool. Usually this time of year pool companies discount the pools and spas for the upcoming winter season. If you’re looking for a pool or a spa, now is the time to buy. Two different types of pools are available. Above ground and below ground. Both have their benefits. Above ground pool benefits are:

  • Safety. You would need a ladder to get into the pool. This helps to prevent children or small pets from falling into a pool.
  • Installation. Besides leveling the ground where the pool will set, the time for installation is very quick.

In ground pool benefits are:

  • Longer life in extreme conditions.
  • Does not change the look of your property.

Not sure you’re quite ready for a pool? Why not try a spa through Norfolk Pool Company. Benefits from a spa are endless. You can:

  • Use it year round.
  • Utilize it for therapeutic reasons including buoyancy (which is where the water supports 90% of your weight), this takes pressure off your joints,
  • Receive a massage from the jets.
  • Assist with relieving back pain, arthritis and improved sleep.

A blow-up pool that you purchase at a retailer to install in your yard does not even compare to an above-ground pool installed by a professional pool company. It can stay up year round, the water clarity stays maintained and there is more room to swim. Your liner is not the blue that will fade in the sun with a less expensive blow-up pool and you can pick various patterns. You can also choose an oval pool over a round pool. An in ground pool by Norfolk Pool Company offers professional installation of:

  • Excavation of your area.
  • A top-quality fiberglass pool.
  • Many different liners including pebble stone and fish. If you don’t like the liners in stock, you can have a custom liner made for your pool.

With vacations turning into staycations, a pool or a hot tub makes sense right n your own back yard. Why would you pay thousands for a vacation to sit by the pool when you can walk right out your back doors to a vacation year round?

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