Stock up Your Pool Supplies in Kansas City

Once your new pool is installed, you are going to need to have on-hand a variety of pool supplies. The amount of chemicals and tools can seem overwhelming at first, but homeowners usually find they have developed a quick and easy maintenance schedule by the end of the first swimming season. To get you started, here are a few of the “must-haves” you should include on your shopping list.

Disinfecting Chemicals

You will want to keep your water safe for everyone swimming in it and these chemicals are the way to achieve that goal. Chlorine is added to the water either in powder, tablet or liquid form. It will be found under the names calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. Other alternatives include using ionization or products like bromine.

Controlling pH Levels

The acidity level of the water must be kept within a correct range to make it comfortable for swimmers and prevent damage to the pool itself. Raising and lowering the levels is accomplished with products such as Sodium Bisulfate or Sodium Carbonate.

Preventing Algae Growth

One of the most constant issue pool owners will battle is preventing algae. There are various Pool Supplies in Kansas City available for this including Quaternary Ammonia, Sodium Tetraborate and Colloidal Silver. Additional products known as shocks are also used to eliminate bacteria and algae.

Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment

Your pool shed will be filled with more than chemicals as there are many handy tools designed to make pool cleaning a lot easier. Skimmers, vacuum heads and various brushes help to keep everything sparkling clean. Additional Pool Supplies in Kansas City like leaf nets and baskets and telescoping handles which make reaching those deeper sections less of a chore are also important accessories.

Picking the right amount of Pool Supplies in Kansas City and learning how to use them safely and effectively does not need to be difficult. The experts at companies like Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs Kansas City can help explain everything you need to know to make your pool a relaxing and enjoyable asset to your home. They can also help you to custom-design a pool which will compliment your home and yard. Click here to know more.

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