Peterman’s Concrete in Battle Creek

Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials on the planet. The material was well known by the ancient Romans for such famous structures as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the aqueducts. Famous modern concrete structures include the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, and Willis Tower (the former Sears Tower) which was finished in 1973. The tower was the tallest building on earth for almost 25 years!

If you live in Southwest Michigan, you may order concrete from the Peterman Concrete Company which covers areas from Battle Creek to Benton Harbor and beyond. Peterman’s Concrete in Battle Creek deals with top quality ready mix concrete. This type of concrete is made in a batching plant or factory according to a precise recipe before it is delivered to the job site by special trucks with in-;transit mixers mounted behind the driver’s cab. The precise mixture of ready mix concrete (RMC) lends itself to specialty concrete mixtures which Peterman’s also delivers to its customers. In the year 2011 there were 2,223 RMC companies in the US that employed 72,924 workers.

As mentioned, Peterman’s Concrete in Battle Creek also deals in decorative or specialty concrete. Regular concrete is heavy duty and used for dams, highways, and high-rise buildings. Decorative concrete is typically not that strong, because it may be used for flooring that only has to hold up people and perhaps kitchen appliances as opposed to 18-wheelers! This floor concrete is known for the different colors it comes in. Different textures and shapes may also be added to the concrete. Decorative services include practically any color or stain you desire, concrete countertops, thin concrete overlays, and much more. Decorative concrete applications include patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks.

Peterman’s Concrete in Battle Creek will mix the concrete according to your specifications and color choices if ordered. This concrete is available for pumping to hard to reach areas. Peterman’s offers the raw materials for concrete which include sand, gravel, and cement which are mixed with water to a consistency of oatmeal. Peterman’s also has different types of these materials. For example, “baby sand” is extra fine and it flows into openings like water. It is often used to fill in the gaps between patio blocks. This type of sand will help pack the blocks tighter together.

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