Types and Style of Pump and their Function

A pump could pretty much be any type of equipment that moves any sort of gas or liquid between location ‘A’ and location ‘B’. There are man-made pumps and there are natural pumps. For instance, in our bodies the main pump is the heart, which pumps our blood throughout our body. An artificial heart serves the same function, but is a man-made version to replace a heart that has failed its user.

As far as man-made pumps go, we can visit nearly every industry and find a pump for every type of use. Let’s start with something simple, such as a garden pond. We need a pump in the pond so that the water doesn’t fall stagnant and turn smelly. We also use a similar type of pump in a fish tank to prevent the tank water from turning nasty.

Cars and Types

Your vehicle will be in possession of at least two pumps, one for the water and one of the fuel system. In fact, if your fuel or water pumps in your vehicle quit working, you should not even drive it until they are replaced. In other industries pumps might be used to pump oil, the operation of cooling towers, the medical industry, the energy industry and other applications. Some of the different types of pump that are used in everyday business and industry are the positive displacement pump. That type of pump works by trapping a certain amount of fluid until the chamber is full and then disbursing it into a discharge pipe. There are different styles of positive displacement pumps, one of which is the rotary type, another being the reciprocating type and a third being the linear type.

There are also other pumps where the positive displacement principle can apply. Some of these are piston pumps, screw pumps, gear pump, progressive cavity pump, rope pump, hydraulic pump, among many others. For pumping equipment Worthing has a list of experienced services within the area, where customers can repair, replace or maintain their pumping equipment in Worthing. Always ask questions about your equipment to make sure you are buying the right pump or parts for your specific requirements and then you will be sure you have all the right parts.

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