Professional Fire Damage Clean Up in Vancouver

A fire is one of the most frightening things a homeowner will ever have to face, and the damage that is left behind from fire, smoke and water can be devastating. Trying to pick up the pieces, determine what is salvageable, and how to deal with the rest can be both physically and emotionally overwhelming. This is the time you need to contact fire damage clean up specialists in Vancouver and put it in their capable and well-trained hands. They will put together a plan for dealing with all aspects of your home’s damage.

Regarding the damage the fire has left behind, a professional crew can first make certain that your home is secured and safe to enter. At this point they can begin to board up any windows or doors that require it, and even begin to cover any holes in your roof with tarps to make certain it isn’t just left open to the elements.

At this stage, a packout can occur. This is where the contents of your home are assessed for damage, recorded, and, if necessary, taken off site for drying, cleaning, and deodorizing. Other of your belongings may just need to be relocated temporarily to allow for the equipment to be brought in to deal with any standing water or wet flooring.

Water is the main enemy in these cases, because the longer it stands, the more structural damage is likely to occur. Standing water can also bring in the secondary problems of mold and mildew. These can be very hazardous and every precaution is taken to make sure they don’t get a foothold in your home. Once the standing water has been dealt with the fire damage clean up in Vancouver experts will bring in special equipment designed to dry and dehumidify the affected areas. If water has been in your home for any significant period of time, an antimicrobial agent is usually used during this step.

From this point on, the challenge is removal of soot and the odors left behind by the fire and the agents used to fight it. A professional cleaning and deodorizing will usually remove any traces.

When you need cleanup following a fire, choose your team wisely. Look for a company with a great local reputation and the training and equipment to do the job right.

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