Choosing an Accident Attorney in Washington DC

When you have suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, you’ll quickly find that businesses and insurance companies are reluctant to pay any damages. This is why you need to hire an attorney. Not all attorneys are alike. Take your time in choosing a good Personal Injury Attorney. Here are tips on how to find an accident attorney in Washington DC area.

Get Recommendations

If you know someone in the Washington DC area that recently has been through a personal injury case, ask if he or she would recommend the lawyer hired. Ask your friends, neighbors or co-workers in the area. If you have a lawyer for other legal purposes that does not handle accident cases, ask your lawyer to recommend a good accident attorney.

Doing Online Checks

Although it’s good to get a recommendation from a trusted friend or loved one, you should never pick an accident attorney just on one person’s recommendation. You need to do some online checks in order to see if the attorney still has a good reputation. Check with The District of Columbia Bar website and click on the For the Public tab, then click on the Legal Information Help Line. This is a free number where you can ask about your prospective attorney.

Ask About Experience

Not all personal injury attorneys are alike. Some have experience in handling medical malpractice cases while others concentrate on vehicle accident cases. Always ask your prospective attorney if he or she has had experience in handling cases like yours. Also ask what percentage of the cases in the practice is like yours. This will give you a good idea how comfortable the lawyer is at working in cases like yours.

Ask How the Case Will be Handled

No lawyer will be able to 100 percent guarantee that you will win a large amount, but a lawyer can guess based on past case histories. Ask how the case will be handled. Will it be handled by the lawyer you are talking to or will a team handle it? Will the lawyer be aggressive or more methodical? Then ask yourself if you can picture yourself working with this attorney.

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