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If you are a collector who frequents yard sales, estate sales, and auctions in hopes of finding the perfect addition to your collection, there is a good chance your attic or basement is bursting at the seams with all of your treasures. While your home is not the worst place for these valuable items, it is not necessarily the best either. Attics and basements are notoriously difficult when it comes to climate control, and one extreme weather day could spell trouble for your precious keepsakes.  When it comes to safe media and business record storage, Connecticut self-storage facilities are truly your best option.

Heat and Humidity
While your attic may offer plenty of space for media and business record storage, it is also quite prone to heat and humidity. Heat rises, and a well-insulated attic can turn into an oven of sorts. Various kinds of media, even if they are stored within a box, can fall victim to these rising temperatures and moisture in the air. The information recorded on media can potentially be destroyed due to melting, mold growth, and warping. All it takes is one hot day – is it really worth the risk?

What You Can Do
In order to make sure your media collection is protected against extreme conditions, invest in safe media storage at a local facility. These self-storage options allow you to come and go as you please, and they are climate-controlled to protect against humidity and extreme weather. In addition, most of the newer facilities are very clean and secure, meaning you will not have to be concerned about placing your collection in a dirty place that is prone to rodents or insects. Many facilities even offer moving supplies, like sturdy boxes and moving carts, to make transferring your collection easy.

Expansion Options
Storage units are available in a variety of sizes, so you can start small and upgrade as your collection grows. With so many affordable options right here in Connecticut – why would you put your media information at risk for warping, melting, and mold? Do not put your chances of having your media ruined because of a poor storage decision!

Looking for safe media and business record storage in Connecticut? Located in New Hartford, Alpha Self Storage is your go-to option for clean, climate-controlled units. Visit website for more information about reserving your space.

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