Services of an Orthodontist in Destin, FL

An orthodontist is an individual who is experienced in dental and jaw health. Many people never find themselves actually going to an orthodontist, so they’re simply thought of as a glorified dentist. However, an orthodontist in Destin, FL offers services that an average dentist is not qualified to handle. These services can include varying extractions, surgical evaluations, braces, and surgical services.

During your first visit to an orthodontist, you can expect lots of x-rays and pictures to be taken. The x-rays will be taken while the patient bites down on spacers. The spacers help clear up the image between the top and bottom row as well as showing the bite pattern. These images are to give the orthodontist a better visual of the current condition of the patient’s teeth. They may also be used for comparison throughout treatment.

If you’re visiting an Orthodontist in Destin, FL, you’ve probably been referred to one through your dentist due to health concerns that may need alignment-changing treatment. The most common service offered by orthodontists is braces. Braces are a series of wires and brackets that are attached to teeth to create constant pressure that moves them into a natural alignment. Braces, while slightly costly, are used to treat a large number of conditions including misaligned jaw or teeth, improper bite, or speech problems caused by any of the previous issues.

Orthodontists will also perform any surgeries that pertain to dental health. The most common type of surgery performed on any patient is jaw surgery. Often, a patient will come in with a misaligned jaw or disc problem that can be resolved through readjustment of the jaw itself. Due to the fact that the upper palate must sometimes be broken for the surgery, it’s usually only performed on patients whose mouths have already finished growing fully.

Orthodontic services may be necessary or simply beneficial to people who have mild to severe dental discomfort. It’s important to cover any concerns you may have with your dentist at a regular check-up to prevent any potential issues from becoming more severe. A neglected condition that could be treated with jaw exercise could come to need surgery over time. If you’re concerned about your dental health or feel you need an orthodontic evaluation, consider Stubbs Orthodontics.

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